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william j donovan wikipedia - william joseph donovan january 1 1883 february 8 1959 was an american soldier lawyer intelligence officer and diplomat best known for serving as the head of the office of strategic services oss the precursor to the central intelligence agency during world war ii he is regarded as the founding father of the cia and a statue of him stands in the lobby of the cia headquarters, office of strategic services wikipedia - the office of strategic services oss was a wartime intelligence agency of the united states during world war ii and a predecessor of the modern central intelligence agency cia the oss was formed as an agency of the joint chiefs of staff jcs to coordinate espionage activities behind enemy lines for all branches of the united states armed forces, the labyrinth memoirs of walter schellenberg hitler s - walter schellenberg is one of those enigmatic figures that emerged from the ruins of the third reich like the memiors of hitler s armaments minister albert speer schellenberg s account gives us a penetrating look into the inner workings of the nazi regime, you re stepping on my cloak and dagger bluejacket books - halls irreverent but inciteful look at the clandestine services will strike a cord with almost any veteran the day to day foibles hijinks of comrades perspectives of the confused but deadly beurocracy that is the military will resonate with anyone who has been in the service