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false prophecies of joseph smith staple bound amazon com - this book discusses 56 false prophecies of joseph smith the prophecies most of which are taken from the doctrine and covenants one of the four lds scriptures are arranged in chronological order with commentary and historical context given, mormon prophets after joseph smith - prophets after joseph smith twice a year during general conference the membership of the lds church sustains the president of the church as a prophet seer and revelator, joseph smith iii wikipedia - joseph smith iii was an ardent opponent of the practice of plural marriage throughout his life for most of his career smith denied that his father had been involved in the practice and insisted that it had originated with brigham young, the life and ministry of joseph smith the church of - joseph smith the prophet and seer of the lord has done more save jesus only for the salvation of men in this world than any other man that ever lived in it this astonishing declaration describes a man who was called of god at the age of 14 and lived only to the age of 38, joseph smith history 1 the church of jesus christ of - joseph smith tells of his ancestry family members and their early abodes an unusual excitement about religion prevails in western new york he determines to seek wisdom as directed by james the father and the son appear and joseph is called to his prophetic ministry verses 1 20, joseph smith prophet of the restoration w jeffrey marsh - joseph smith prophet of the restoration w jeffrey marsh on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers all presidents of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints have been and are sustained as prophets seers, bible prophecies involving the end times - end time prophecy from the bible this selection of end times prophecies from the bible involve the end times and events leading up to the end times when jesus is to return and judge the living and the dead, utah lighthouse ministry topical index s z - salvation 66 messenger another gospel 106 messenger acceptance of joseph smith necessary for eternal life brigham young sermon joseph smith s consent needed to enter heaven, could joseph smith have written the book of mormon - i able d chase now living in palmyra wayne co n y make the following statement regarding my early acquaintence with joseph smith and the incidents about the production of the so called mormon bible, failed end of the world predictions from 30 to 1920 ce - 14 i was once praying very earnestly to know the time of the coming of the son of man when i heard a voice repeat the following 15 joseph my son if thou livest until thou art eighty five years old thou shalt see the face of the son of man therefore let this suffice and trouble me no more on this matter