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dianagabaldon com the outlander series - volume one of the outlandish companion aka oc is a non fiction book supplying information background entertaining trivia and the answers to the many questions that readers asked me about the first four novels in my outlander series of books, dianagabaldon com chronology of the outlander series - the outlander series includes three kinds of stories the big enormous books aka the major novels in the outlander series that have no discernible genre or all of them these are numbered from 1 through 9 below the shorter less indescribable novels that are more or less historical mysteries though dealing also with battles eels and mildly deviant sexual practices, outlander series 8 book series amazon com - 1 new york times bestseller now a starz original series unrivaled storytelling unforgettable characters rich historical detail these are the hallmarks of diana gabaldon s work her new york times bestselling outlander novels have earned the praise of critics and captured the hearts of millions of fans here is the story that started it all introducing two remarkable characters, outlander series by diana gabaldon goodreads - please note this series is comprised of one epic story each book is like a chapter in that larger story it is recommended that you read the books in the order they were published the lord john grey series in the greater outlander chronology the lord john grey stories occur during the years, outlander outlander series 1 by diana gabaldon - outlander the first book in gabaldon s outlander series is one of the best books i ve ever read claire and her husband go to scotland for a second honeymoon shortly after wwii while on a walk claire touches a stone and is transported back to scotland in the 1700 s, the outlander series outlander 1 7 by diana gabaldon - start by marking the outlander series outlander 1 7 as want to read when i read outlander the first book in this series in the early 1990 s i was hooked by the characters the great love story and it s historical authenticity and i couldn t wait till the next one came out, outlander series books in order - the first title outlander was originally known as cross stitch in the uk the american publisher thought it sounded a little too much like embroidery, outlander series books tv public group facebook - outlander series books tv has 123 694 members we are the largest and best outlander fan group by fans for fans we love the books and the the series, outlander series outlander wiki fandom powered by wikia - this article is about outlander the series of books you may be looking for the tv series or the novel the outlander series is a collection of fiction works by diana gabaldon that include elements of romantic fiction historical fiction mystery adventure and science fiction