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filippo brunelleschi the buildings howard saalman - filippo brunelleschi s few but seminal buildings have stood as touchstones of a return to antiquity in the florentine era since his own day, filippo brunelleschi biography artwork accomplishments - filippo brunelleschi filippo brunelleschi architect and engineer who was one of the pioneers of early renaissance architecture in italy his major work is the dome of the cathedral of santa maria del fiore the duomo in florence 1420 36 learn more about brunelleschi s life works and significance in this article, filippo brunelleschi early renaissance architect - the dome of florence cathedral this iconic image of the start of the italian renaissance was a quattrocento interpretation of roman architecture engineered by filippo brunelleschi, ospedale degli innocenti wikipedia - the ospedale degli innocenti italian pronunciation ospe da le de inno t nti hospital of the innocents also known in old tuscan dialect as the spedale degli innocenti is a historic building in florence italy it was designed by filippo brunelleschi who received the commission in 1419 from the arte della seta it was originally a children s orphanage, brunelleschi s dome florence cathedral florence duomo - florence cathedral s dome italy brunelleschi s dome brunelleschi s dome is the largest masonry dome ever built and it is the coverage of the cathedral of florence italy brunelleschi s dome 45 meters wide was originally a wooden dome built by arnolfo di cambio, florence cathedral brunelleschi italian renaissance - florence cathedral brunelleschi and the renaissance filippo brunelleschi s dome and italian renaissance architecture main a z index a z of art movements, great buildings online master buildings list 2013 0220 - more than 1000 great buildings from around the world and across history are listed below and illustrated on this web site and the great buildings collection on cd rom with photographic images architectural drawings discussion bibliography architect info and live 3d walkthrough computer models h o m e b u i l d i n g o f t h e d a y p i c t u r e i n d e x g r e a t e s t h, sangallo family members buildings facts britannica com - giuliano da sangallo 1445 1516 was an architect sculptor and military engineer whose masterpiece a church of greek cross plan santa maria delle carceri in prato 1485 91 was strongly influenced by filippo brunelleschi it is the purest most classic expression of that style of 15th century architecture giuliano worked for the powerful medici family in florence and built their villa, great buildings online master architects list 2013 0220 - this is a list of master architects from around the world and across history who are documented in the great buildings online where a place name is given it refers to the location of major works not necessarily to the architect him or herself, architects sketch on napkins hlw international business - courtesy of hlw international architects and designers at hlw international recently competed in drawing their favorite buildings on cocktail napkins some of the entries are pretty impressive, frases y citas c lebres miguel ngel buonarroti jos - michelangelo buonarroti 1475 1564 michelangelo di lodovico buonarroti simoni escultor pintor arquitecto urbanista ingeniero poeta artista universal sculptor