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censored 2013 the top censored stories and media analysis - case in point censored 2013 reports on the health effects of cell phones microwave ovens and fluoride old news yes but the old news was that there was a controversy new studies made public in 2011 2012 however offer compelling evidence of these health effects moving the concern from the tin hat crowd to mainstream research universities, top 25 censored stories from 2012 2013 - by project censored september 30 2013 october 1 2013 in february 2013 united states senators tom harkin d iowa and peter defazio d oregon introduced a bill to implement a new tax of three basis points that is three pennies for every hundred dollars on most nonconsumer stock trades, 8 nato war crimes in libya the top 25 most censored - by project censored october 10 2012 february 6 2014 october 10 2012 february 6 2014 although the rationale of the north atlantic treaty organization nato for entry into libyan conflict invoked humanitarian principles the results have proven far from humane, words censored turn out blog - eric is being censored for an article that argues that there is no place for these words in the military or firehouse and that unions are critical forces in ensuring that outcome yet his own union uses the words to silence his efforts to highlight the problem january 2013 m t w t f s s dec, banned books week 2013 readers favourite censored titles - fri 27 sep 2013 13 07 edt first published on fri 27 sep 2013 13 07 edt the catcher in the rye was the most censored book in high schools and libraries in the united states i don t understand, censored news all the news they don t want you to see - get all the censored news headlines in real time, project censored 2013 north bay report - project censored 2013 before the rest of the news media unfurl their end of the year lists of the biggest stories of the past 12 months project censored is out with their top 25 list of the biggest subjects that got the least coverage, censored 2015 inspiring the people the top censored - censored 2015 inspiring the people the top censored stories and media analysis of 2013 2014, banned books are we censored are we the worldcat org - miracosta college faculty panel discussion held on september 23 2013 date on disc label of september 24 2013 is incorrect