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during the united states initial space exploration and the moon landings every launch was accompanied by alien craft on november 20 1990 los angeles tv channel 2 announced that a separate red glowing round shaped object accompanied the space shuttle atlantis on its latest classified military mission, venom klyntar earth 616 marvel database fandom - venom s genocidal first host at some point the symbiote bonded to an alien native to an icy world who it later recalled as its first host believing him to be a noble warrior and worthy host, chronological tv page of ultimate science magic dragon - chronological television there are 109 television shows hotlinks here limited to 184 shows broadcast in the united states wherever originated and 160 shows listed with no hotlinks currently known to this compiler for a total of 354 television shows and or hotlinks, venom marvel villains wiki fandom powered by wikia - venom is a major antagonist from marvel comics most commonly serving as a dangerous enemy for spider man the name has belonged to several different hosts over the years which means that venom is indeed the identity of this particular alien symbiote the symbiote named itself venom as it considered itself a venom for spider man, the secret shadow government - 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